Our Company, AND our products, really are different than most you see and hear about.

Aside from the fact they are not ‘magic’ potions, or some ‘ingredient of the month’ promising a quick ‘fix’ or an illusion of relief (by merely blocking the pain), the MD’s Choice products are based on decades of real science. Safety, efficiency, and efficacy are at the top of the list of requirements, and have been since 1995 when the information and products were first created by professionals for professionals.

Any doctor, human or veterinarian, is able to get our product… as are pharmacies,     apothecaries, tack shops, pet shops, and retailers that actually care more about quality of products they are carrying, than advertising budgets and spiffs from the manufacturer. If you have any trouble finding our product, please check out our ORDER tab in the menu or give us a call to help find a retailer near you.

MD’s Choice doesn’t pay celebrities, professionals, or doctors to say nice things about products. People use the products BECAUSE THEY WORK, and the science behind what the products do is solid… proven, and actually works in THE RIGHT WAY, by supplying the body what it needs, in forms it can actually use quickly and efficiently, by actually helping promote healing, and health, better than any other supplement in that class…  in existence.

It is important to understand that there really are:

  • No ‘quick fixes,’ without either surgery OR MERE MASKING, for most ailments.
  • No masking symptoms by MD’s Choice products
  • No additive ingredients to fluff up the products
  • No resistance or immunity
  • No toxic build up
  • No herbal ‘remedies’ (aka plant derived drugs – which can have their place in the field of healthcare… but not in a daily supplement intended for prolonged use)
  • No negative interactions with other medication or treatments (straight vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes natural to 99.999% of the mammals eliminates most issues commonly found with other products).
  • 100% Guaranteed noticeable results within just in a few short weeks


 MD’s Choice uses the highest quality, most bio-available, pure nutritional human-grade nutritional supplements on the market!

The professionals at MD’s Choice developed and formulated each supplement with very specific goals, to:

  • help SOLVE problems, when they existed,
  • fulfill specific deficiencies, if they exist,
  • safeguard against over-supplementation, by having targeted ingredients, and topic specific supplements (i.e., joint, digestion, bone, general health & wellness),
  • complement normal (common) diets (for people), and commercial feeds (for animals), and
  • allow FLEXIBLE DOSING based on individual factors that matter (see the dosing tab for more information).

Each of our supplements are made with specific forms of high-quality ingredients, mixed in precise amounts – with specific ratios, and triple testing with each batch, so you feed only what is necessary and are getting consistent potency, purity, and concentration! It really is that simple.

Our products were designed to work the RIGHT WAY; without pain killers, masking agents! Our 100% Results Based Guarantee has existed for over 20 years, and should be an industry standard; however, it’s not.

The professionals that formulated our products considered everything that normally impacts certain areas of the body, and things they’ve actually treated over the years. They looked at things from a position of ‘What can better solve this problem?’ or ‘Help this body’ – from a trained medical standpoint, on a nutrient level, cellular level, taking bio-availability, absorption rates and minimum digestion speed in to account, as well as cost effective treatments available.

The doctors also looked at how different nutrients and ingredients actually function within bodies, across multiple species, multiple common diets, for multiple aliments. They considered all conventional ‘solutions’ – medications used, as well as the various types of treatment and therapies established over the years. They also considered the real science actually behind each of the claimed solutions behind it all; and developed things that could really, and scientifically, offer solutions more often than not!

All out products are manufactured under cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices), in FDA and USDA inspected facilities here in the United States. They are all MADE IN AMERICA, using ingredients sourced & processed here in America (or Canada, for some of our Amino Acid Chelates); and not where the ingredients are the cheapest, or some country we would be nervous drinking water in, but where the ingredients are THE BEST and MOST CONSISTENT, without contaminants, and fit our formula specifications to the letter. There is no compromise when it comes to health – whether it is our own, our family member, our pet, or a working animal… WE CARE about the quality, consistency, purity, bio-availability, and safety of our products!

Pet Products

Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables

Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables
A nutritional supplement containing a combination of four of the most important human-grade nutrients required to achieve Total Joint Health™ in dogs of all ages. Most dogs love the beefy taste!

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GI Support for DogsGI Support for Dogs
Nutritional support for the digestive tract. Helps the body effectively deal with a variety of ailments, such as viral enteritis and pancreatitis. Helps heal damage caused by products that are hard on the digestive tract, including diarrhea caused by food allergies. Feeding the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract will speed recovery times and enhance existing therapies. Safe and effective for puppies and dogs all ages.

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GI Support for CatsGI Support for Cats
Nutritional support for the digestive tract. Safe and effective for kittens and cats of all ages. (see above)

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People Products (also used for picky dogs, cats, and other species)

This is NOT one of those useless ‘glucosamine & chondroitin’ products! It does not contain glucosamine hcl or chondroitin sulphate, or any herbs, or symptom blockers.

What its concentrated formula does, is supply the body the four key nutrients it is already looking for, in forms it can actually use; which helps speed up the healing process, and optimize health.

Yes, it can actually help with joint wear and tear due to aging, overuse, injuries, and even arthritis. It contains no herbs, drugs, painkillers or other ingredients that negatively interact with the body or any medication or medical treatment, including high blood pressure medication, hormone therapy, epilepsy, chemotherapy, and an array of other commonly treated problems.

NOTE (for diabetics): severe type 1 diabetics shouldn’t take more than 2 capsules at a time, any closer than 3 hours apart, without first making sure their body won’t negatively react to a change in their normal amino sugars, most have no issue. A few have reported problems when they try to take too many, too close together.

(for those with Shell Fish Allergies): If you have a severe shell-fish allergy, caution is given, as our glucosamine sulphate 2KCl is derived from shrimp tails (not the meat). We’ve only had two people in the last 24 years claim any level or type of reaction. The meat is what most people with ‘shell fish allergies’ tend to actually be allergic to, and that isn’t in our product.


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Designed to provide intensive support for the digestive system. It supplies the body what it needs, in forms it can use, to help the support the bodies quest for optimum health and longevity. The science behind this product is impressive, with peer reviewed studies, and journal articles, it can really help many issues in the digestive tract. It is specifically designed to feed the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract to assist in speeding recovery times and enhance existing virtually all therapies.

Safe and effective for all ages, from infancy to geriatric. Also safe for pregnant women.

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No Image AvailableArthrosamineMulti-Species Powder
All of the total joint benefits of Arthrosamine, in an easy to use unflavored powder form. Formulated to work for all species of mammals (including human beings)! It contains no herbs, drugs, painkillers or other ingredients that negatively interact with the body or any medication or medical treatment, including high blood pressure medication, hormone therapy, epilepsy, chemotherapy, and an array of other commonly treated problems. It is pure nutrition for the entire joint.

Horse Products – used by Equestrians around the world

A unique joint supplement that actually supplies the body everything it requires to maintain, rebuild and help the body optimize the health of joint tissue! Note: it does NOT do anything to the ‘bones’ – nor will it remove spurs, or change bone structures, or stop fusing. This is special human-grade formula that is quickly absorbed into the body within 30 to 45 minutes, and is readily available to the joints within 4 to 6 hours. Now, understand, that does not mean any ‘quick fix’ or ‘pain relief’ – that’s not how this product works. If the body is in pain, consult your local doctor to help deal with that as the body is healing. This product helps supply the nutrients necessary, in forms the body can use, so the healing process can begin.

When used regularly, it is an extremely effective product for maintaining Total Joint Health™.  This is also the very first product to have a Results Based Guarantee (since 1995) – for joint popping sounds, arthritis issues, and even Navicular Syndrome, that isn’t limited to 1 container, 30-days, or some other nonsense.

If you have a beloved horse, or compete in any discipline, and you haven’t heard of this product, you’ve been missing out!

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Distributors or Resellers wanting to inquire

about setting up an account: Contact us for more details.

Testing is REALLY important!

Every Batch of our products are tested for up to 32 common contaminants, not just Salmonella & eColi, like the majority of our competitors (and some don’t do any testing at all, unless forced to because of a problem).

We try our best to avoid any problems, and the testing is the only way to insure our ratios, purity, and product consistency from batch to batch, year to year.

Our products are tested THREE TIMES by the highest human grade standards.

  1. BULK – all raw materials
  2. MIXING – again at blending
  3. RANDOMLY – after bottling


We do this because

  • ~ SAFETY is at the top of that list.
  • ~ HEALTH is VITAL to our goals…
  • ~ Ratios of x to y is necessary to potency… and
  • ~ Consistency is VITAL to our product…
  • ~ Our products are manufactured in HUMAN GRADE FACILITIES,
  • ~ USING human grade ingredients.


Our products are tested for all the heavy metals, including aluminum, lead, mercury, barium, and cadmium because those are things proven to not pass through the body. Heavy Metals absolutely can negatively alter quality of life, or longevity, years after taken.

This process helps us ensure the highest quality, most consistently effective, and potent products possible.

The people that are interested in this website are:

  • anyone that wants to improve health, and/or reduce suffering for themselves, or their beloved family member or pet, and hopes to increase longevity. Those people will appreciate the information and quality of MD’s Choice products.
  • particularly developed and focused on mammals – dogs, horses, and people
  • available to all Medical & Veterinary Schools, members of the AMA & AVMA… as well as Orthopedic Specialists, Chiropractors, and other professionals that regularly deal with joints and bone… or digestion issues.
  • MD’s Choice started on the human product side, in 1995… and still have numerous products for people (only a few key products are listed here… see MDsChoice.com for the rest of the people products and more information).

The MD’s Choice formulas are backed by real science, and actually developed by real doctors… veterinarian’s, certified nutritionists, clinical instructors, researchers, and an actual medical doctor with a PhD in pharmacology & biochemistry. Not by some ‘equine nutritionist’ that specialized in hay & grain, sweet feed, pastures, and agricultural issues, but not so much on nutrients outside of those areas.

Our doctors have years of training, and experience… and board certifications, and have acted altruistically in helping develop custom formulas for MD’s Choice without ever drawing a salary (from MD’s Choice)… just so they, themselves – and their own family & friends, can benefit from a better more efficient product formula. They are NOT quacks, naturopaths, or holistic anything. They are real doctors, with experience in real medical cases, valid licenses to practice, and most either have their own practice and/or were also involved with teaching (at the university level) and/or clinical research here in Tennessee (or since retired). They are  not from some ‘mail order’ or foreign school handing out ‘certification’s for a few dollars, which a couple of our competitors seem so proud of.

The professionals that developed and formulated the MD’s Choice products are real, and actually studied nutrition, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, cells, structures, and all those things natural to the body, actually usable by the body and wanted by a body to optimize health and healing. They care about mammals – human and pet – and spent years learning how nutrients and ingredients work in a mammals body; because they are practicing doctors, clinical instructors, actual researchers, and inventors of treatment protocols and solutions in the real world. 

It’s vital to understand, there is absolutely NO ORAL SUPPLEMENT that will alter or eliminate calcium deposits, bone spurs, scar tissue, reverse a joint completely devoid of cartilage, or change physical abnormalities to the bone(s) at the joint surface. Nor will any supplement ‘climb in there’ and re-attach a completely detached ligament (it can help the rest, and help in the healing IF SURGERY IS DONE, but it will not ‘re-attach’ it). Any company claiming otherwise is LYING TO YOU. These type of problems will remain, and continue, unless surgery is done. That is reality.

With that said, synovial fluids absolutely can be improved with the right type of nutrients; science has proven this… and also conclusively showed that Glucosamine HCL or Oral HA are NOT nutrients that can positively impact issues related to synovial fluid (or joints). See the GAIT STUDY for the conclusion of that multiyear human study done by the NIH.

Ligaments & tendons can be strengthened, helping add some flexibility and mobility with the proper ingredients. Although it’s slower than an injection, or masking agent, proper nutritional supplementation can actually help improve joint health. Science proves which ingredients can (and can NOT) really work, and how those that are deemed ‘to work’ actually work, where and how they are used. Knowing that helps a person understand whether they are promoting healing or merely masking symptoms.

When it comes to the joint tissue, the ‘fast’ options don’t actually fix or improve anything, they just make the brain not ‘feel’ or notice the pain, discomfort, or problem as much; which can actually lead to further damage, because healing didn’t really happen. There are a lot of terrible products on the market, made by people that care more about making money than actually helping improve or eliminate problems. They offer an illusion of help, claiming some ‘fast results’ or ‘quick fix’ (but in reality, they are only masking the symptoms, killing the pain). Really, they are ignoring the science of what the ingredients really do (and don’t do), and how those ingredients impact other ingredients and treatment protocols. The science exists. It’s not a secret. 

Surgery is the only ‘quick FIX’ for most serious issues like ripped ligaments or tendons, severe ring bone, or bone spurs. The MD’s Choice products are the next best thing, and should be taken PRIOR TO and AFTER surgery, as they actually help the body get back its feet faster and better (with or without surgery).

You can tell a lot about a company by merely looking at the ingredients they use, as well as what they don’t use.

***** Companies that have products containing Calcium Carbonate, Iron Oxide, Glucosamine HCl (hydrochloride), are companies you should honestly and completely avoid! *****  The reason is because science and reality are not high on their list of priorities, or they wouldn’t be using those ingredients… at all, in any joint, digestion, or general health promoting type product. There is a whole lot of science, decades, proving those FORMS of ingredients aren’t highly absorbed, and mostly pass through the body (in the urine or feces).

There are real differences:

Veterinary Supplements‘ – designed by professionals, to specifically help solve problems, treatment or therapy, productivity for purpose to allow, extend, or enhance quality of life. Generally these type of products are designed to help SOLVE PROBLEMS, treat, cure, and prevent. They help efficiently and effectively, and are usually more consistent and concentrated. Considered a ‘drug’ in some states (not all), because of their potency, purity, and purpose.

While ‘Pet Supplements‘ are OTC (over the counter) in all 50 states, readily available to the general public, in all 50 states, and seldom ever seen in a Vet Clinic or hospital. Nor are they really suggested by most professionals, because these type of products are often less effective, diluted, and either inconsistent or significantly less potent than other options. But hey, they are often cheap – because they are MADE CHEAPLY, and often with foreign ingredients and sometimes even in countries we would not wish to even drink their water without boiling and straining it first! These type of mass marketed, often celebrity endorsed products are designed to sweep the market for maximize profits, not solutions… and most of those type of companies don’t have the product five or 10 years from now. .

Many Vet Supplements can become ‘pet supplements,’ but most ‘pet supplements’ can ever be considered ‘Vet Supplements.’

Yes, the product is cGMP manufactured, in FDA inspected and approved facilities, with high ISO standards.

There is rigorous testing. A standard process we’ve effectively used since 1995, and it really does work… or we wouldn’t still have a RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE all these years.

Our products are focused on joint problems in horses, canine arthritis, knee and hip problems. The digestive product is also amazing, and helps with many different issues, as peer reviewed articles delineate.

Some places can be overwhelming, like petmd, pet meds, Chewy, Paws, Smart Pack, Smart Pak, KV Vet, Tractor Supply, and other such retailers. They often have what they think is ‘turning quickly’ and profitable, rather than ‘the most effective’ and best.

Our products are currently available through many Valley Vet, and for the Veterinarians with an account with Henry Schein they SKU our joint & digestive products.

MD’s Choice started with the human products in 1995, and expanded to official animal labeled product with VetSupplements.com All the products were designed by professionals, FOR professionals. Focused on the science of supplying what the body needs to optimize healing & maintain health, in a safe and serious fashion. Veterinary Medicine is a key factor in our decisions, since the most science exists with animals.

The price, quality, and consistency of our products haven’t changed all these years. If you haven’t tried our products, you don’t know what you’re missing! Especially if you have a joint or digestive issue. With our Results Based Guarantee, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

JointsReport.com has a FREE REPORT, and a great deal more information, in the article: “Joint Supplements: The Good, Bad, and Useless.”

~ If you use any supplement, then form, quality, and bio-availability (absorption, the amount actually used by the body) really should matter (for yourself, and any body you’re using those supplements on).

~ Safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in the supplements you purchase should also matter.

~ Science is real, and it shouldn’t be ignored. The reality is supported by facts, stats, testing, experiments, and experience. Far too many companies in the supplement industry focus more on paying those celebrities to endorse their products, deceptive or misinformed advertising, and utterly false implications to push their inferior products on the unsuspecting consumer. 

~ Whether you are using a supplement to improve performance, support health, improve longevity, or to help deal with an existing injury or chronic problem… then MD’s Choice products should help eliminate most concerns, for some specific issues, by supplying what the body needs, in forms it can readily use. However, we do not have any ‘weight loss’ or herbal ‘remedies,’ for some very specific reasons.

~ If you purchase a new car, you have a reasonable expectation it should work, with minimal hassle. The same should be true with supplements. They should either work as described, or you should be able to get your money back. This is something MD’s  Choice started doing in 1998 with a 100% Results Based Guarantee… which has satisfied 100% of our customers! We know our products won’t ‘work’ for 100% of the bodies, but will for more than 98%… and after more than 20 years, we know precisely when, where, and how our products will (and won’t) work. Getting our joint product for Osteoporosis, or degenerative bone disease isn’t going to solve your problem (we do have a bone product that can effectively help with those issues). Getting our general supplement, one of the Complete Formula’s, won’t really help your joint, digestion, or bone issues… despite having 97 different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. We know our products… and IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US: via phone (865-380-0950) or email (company@mdschoice.com)… or fax (865-380-2212) Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, eastern time.

We take helping people seriously, and if we don’t believe our product can actually and honestly help you… we’ll tell you. If we know what might, we’ll tell you that too. One of the side effects with our Results Based Guarantee, it takes all the hog wash out of the conversation. It’s OUR OWN MONEY ON THE LINE if you buy a product from us that doesn’t work as described. We know that, so we strive to give you the most accurate information we possibly can, to help you find a solution to the problem you called about.

Digestion & Joint Supplements, and ‘general health’ are our primary products.

If you’re using one of these ‘competing’ products: move free, pain free, cosequin, cetyl-m, vital 3, dasaquin, instaflex, or any oral joint supplement, PLEASE take the time to sign up for the FREE Article at JointsReport.com, and understand the results and importance of the multi-year unbiased study, involving over 1500 people, over the course of 6 years. The GAIT Study is clear on glucosamine HCl and chondroitin, they don’t really help improve anything, and aren’t actively absorbed by the body! The FREE Article goes into why… as well as most all of the other common ingredients used in joint supplements, which aren’t covered in that study. It discusses things that can work – how they work – and what the various ingredients really do within the body.

These are things the doctors at MD’s Choice knew back in the early 90’s, which is why they started formulating and designing select supplements. With the goal of helping solve and improve certain types of issues, which weren’t honestly being addressed by supplements at that time (or really now, over 20 years later, with very few exceptions).

Joint issues? There are no better oral supplements than MD’s Choice joint supplements… for horses, dogs, cats, and people!

Digestion issues? We have the answer for many digestive issues… common to dogs, cats, and even people! (The equine version is special order large quantity orders only at this point, because of the cost and availability of one of the equine specific ingredients).

Over 20 years in business, with a 100% Results Based Guarantee that is unmatched! Unheard of in the supplement industry! Since 1995, the Prices, Quality, Consistency, and Effectiveness of Our Key Products Have Not Changed!

MD’s Choice understands and believes in the SCIENCE of Nutrition; and, producing the highest quality supplements possible at competitive prices.

Our products are specifically designed by real professionals, actual doctors, and experts in the field of nutrition and anatomy… with goals of targeting and solving problems, fulfilling deficiencies, and assist you and your animals in having a better, healthier life!

MD’s Choice is pure nutrition, with quality targeted supplements, offering both normal and performance nutrition options.

Our products contain no masking agents. No pain killers. These are tricks many of our competitors use.

To Find a Reseller Near You, Please Call Us
M-F, 10am to 6pm, Eastern Time, at 1-865-380-0950
or toll free 800-628-0997 or send us an email at: FindReseller@VetSupplements.com