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Since 1995, the Prices, Quality, Consistency, and Effectiveness of Our Key Products Have Not Changed!

At MD’s Choice, we believe in the SCIENCE of Nutrition, and, providing our customers with highest quality supplement products, especially joint and digestion, possible at competitive prices. Our products are specifically designed by experts in the field of nutrition and anatomy to target and help solve problems, fill deficiencies, and assist you and your animals in having a better, healthier life! MD’s Choice is pure nutrition, with quality supplements, offering both normal and performance nutrition options.

All our joint & digestion products carry a 100% money back RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE! A truly unmatched guarantee, not limited to 30 days or 1 container, because solutions are our goal, and without the masking agents and pain killers many of our competitors use, we know quality nutrition takes time! Our Results Based Guarantee has existed for over 20 years, and should be an industry standard (but it’s not).

These products are the highest quality and most bio-available Pure Nutritional Supplements on the market that actually works in a healthy and safe way… the RIGHT WAY, without pain killers, masking agents, or some miracle of the month ingredient!

The MD’s Choice  formulas are backed by real science, and actually developed by real doctors (veterinarian’s, nutritionists, and a PhD in pharmacology & biochemistry)… not someone that specialized in hay & grain, but professionals that looked at the nutrient level, the cellular level, absorption, and function within the bodies… across multiple species, multiple diets, multiple aliments… while evaluating the conventional ‘solutions’ (medication, treatment, therapy, routines, etc.) over the years (and the science behind it all).

The doctors that developed the products at MD’s Choice have NEVER drawn a salary from MD’s Choice!

Every Batch of our products are tested for up to 32 common contaminants, not just Salmonella & eColi, a total of THREE TIMES. Because

  • ~ HEALTH is VITAL to our goals…
  • ~ safety is at the top of that list.
  • ~ Our products are manufactured in HUMAN GRADE FACILITIES,
  • ~ using human grade ingredients.


Our products are tested THREE TIMES, by the highest human grade standards

  1. all raw materials (the bulk),
  2. again at blending (mixing), and
  3. then again after bottling (randomly).


This helps us insure the highest quality product, most consistently effective products possible, with safety still in mind.

Our products are tested for all the heavy metals, including aluminum, lead, mercury, barium, and cadmium because those are things proven to not pass through a body… and can alter quality of life, or longevity, many years later.

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Pet Products

Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables

Arthrosamine Beefy Chewables
A nutritional supplement containing a combination of four of the most important human-grade nutrients required to achieve Total Joint Health™ in dogs of all ages. Most dogs love the beefy taste!

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No Image AvailableArthrosamineMulti-Species Powder
All of the total joint benefits of Arthrosamine, in an easy to use unflavored powder form. This was formulated to work for all species of mammals! It contains no herbs, drugs, painkillers or other ingredients that negatively interact with the body or any medication or medical treatment, including high blood pressure medication, hormone therapy, epilepsy, chemotherapy, and an array of other commonly treated problems. It is pure nutrition for the entire joint.

GI Support for DogsGI Support for Dogs
Nutritional support for the digestive tract. Helps the body effectively deal with a variety of ailments, such as viral enteritis and pancreatitis, and helps heal damage caused by products that are hard on the digestive tract, including diarrhea caused by food allergies. Feeding the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract will speed recovery times and enhance existing therapies. Safe and effective for puppies and dogs all ages.

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GI Support for CatsGI Support for Cats
Nutritional support for the digestive tract. Safe and effective for kittens and cats of all ages. (see above)

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People Products

Supplies the body the nutrients it is looking for, in forms it can us, to help optimize health. It can help with joint wear and tear due to aging, overuse, injuries, and even arthritis. It contains no herbs, drugs, painkillers or other ingredients that negatively interact with the body or any medication or medical treatment, including high blood pressure medication, hormone therapy, epilepsy, chemotherapy, and an array of other commonly treated problems. (note: severe type 1 diabetics shouldn’t take more than 2 capsules at a time, any closer than 3 hours apart, without first making sure their body won’t negatively react to a change in their normal amino sugars… most have no issue, a few have reported problems when they try to take too many too close together. Also, if you have a severe shell-fish allergy, caution is given though we’ve only had two people in the last 22 years claim any level or type of reaction. Our glucosamine is derived from shrimp tails, not the meat (the meat is what most people with ‘shell fish allergies’ tend to actually be allergic to).


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No Image AvailableArthrosaminePowder
The same quality product as Arthrosamine capsules but in a powder form for people who need to take larger doses due to more serious joint issues, weight over 300 pounds, or an inability to swallow capsules. (See above)

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Designed to provide intensive support for the digestive system. It supplies the body what it needs, in forms it can use, to help the support the bodies quest for optimum health and longevity. The science behind this product is impressive, with peer reviewed studies, and journal articles, it can really help many issues in the digestive tract. It is specifically designed to feed the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract to assist in speeding recovery times and enhance existing virtually all therapies.

Safe and effective for all ages, from infancy to geriatric. Also safe for pregnant women.

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Horse Products

A unique joint supplement that actually supplies the body everything it requires to maintain, rebuild and help the body optimize the health of joint tissue! Note: it does NOT do anything to the ‘bones’ – nor will it remove spurs, or change bone structures, or stop fusing. This is special human-grade formula that is quickly absorbed into the body within 30 to 45 minutes, and is readily available to the joints within 4 to 6 hours. Now, understand, that does not mean any ‘quick fix’ or ‘pain relief’ – that’s not how this product works. If the body is in pain, consult your local doctor to help deal with that as the body is healing. This product helps supply the nutrients necessary, in forms the body can use, so the healing process can begin.

When used regularly, it is an extremely effective product for maintaining Total Joint Health™.  This is also the very first product to have a Results Based Guarantee (since 1995) – for joint popping sounds, arthritis issues, and even Navicular Syndrome.

If you have a beloved horse, or compete in any discipline, and you haven’t heard of this product, you’ve been missing out!

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Two Ways Nutrition “Works”

If you aren’t aware of the ‘different ways’ Nutrition “works” in bodies, here’s a short video on the topic: