“Learning About Cannabis and CBD Oil”
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Cannabis products and CBD Oil are being pushed in more states, and even getting sold on Amazon & eBay, for both human and pet use. We took spent a bunch of time wading through both the science, and legalities, on the topic.

We do not have, sell, represent, or promote any CBD manufacturer, CBD product, THC supplier, or cannabis industry person, product, or company.

We bothered gathering and sorting through all the information we could, hopeful to get some real and honest answers, because WE HAVE family, friends, and clients that suffer from debilitating and unpredictable seizures, some have since birth; and friends with Parkinson’s. Many suffer with long term chronic pain that surgery and blockers have not helped. Like most people over the last fifty years, we have lost dozens of loved ones to Cancer; and know many that are actively battling it today. We took this project seriously, and actively pay closer attention when rumors circulate, especially in the scientific community, about any nutrient, supplement, or drugs that *might* help those suffering. The information, studies, and links contained herein became a particular interest, and hope they can help you!

This book is about 250 pages of information, rational consideration, legal realities, and actual scientific results.

Plaire1 – WOW. Quite impressive! Full of information, supporting evidence and so much I had no idea on. You think you know this subject but you don’t. Great read for information, science behind it all, formulas/math to allow the buyer to be knowledgeable! I myself will use this start on research on how to align a business in this area, knowing a starting place on how to choose who I would have as growers, manufacturers or distributors. A great read for anyone!

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Amy Woods-Davis – Worth the read.. so much info to learn!! … put it in [a] perspective..even “I” can understand!! Lol. Way to go Terry!!

Sam Welch People are always giving me cannabis lotions and products. I tend to shy away from it though because I promised my mother, God rest her soul, that I would never use pot. I think you’ve got a hit book on your hands.

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Steve Haase – HOLY crap! That ebook is a tomb of information. I’ve been trying to get through it as time permits. The information seems solid.

Allen Stallsworth – that is awesome!

It is FREE if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 with Matchbook, and just $4.20 for the Black & White Kindle version. There are 4 versions…

B&W – kindle $4.20
B&W – paperback – $19.20

Full Color – kindle $9.99
Full Color – paperback $54.20

The link below is for the least expensive version, B&W Kindle… if you’re using, or thinking of using, CBD Oil or Cannabis for any medical issue… this book should help you a bunch! If you are interested in learning about what is true, and what isn’t, regarding CBD Oil and Cannabis use, then this book will help you! Check it out on Amazon.

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Completed October 2018, and up to date with the current laws, scientific studies.