One of the most common questions we are asked:


We apologize for any inconvenience you might feel because there isn’t any quick and easy “Buy Now” button on this website, or for the animal products. We hope you’ll understand. It is because our animal products are usually sold through resellers (rather than direct). If you do not already have a reseller in your area that you get our product from, there are initially a few choices:

a) ASK YOUR local Healthcare Professional, Veterinarian, or favorite Animal Supply Store FOR OUR PRODUCT… don’t settle for something else, because while there are a few that are ‘close’ they are NOT THE SAME, and NONE ARE BETTER!

IF your local store won’t or can’t help you get our product, LET US KNOW. We’ll help you find a solution. Some may suggest you call us directly, many stock and some resell our products. (If they are a business, they CAN GET IT if they don’t have it, they just need to contact us… we can get them established as a reseller in just a few minutes in most cases. There are no minimums, but rewards are available for case lots and larger orders. We do require proof they are a reseller, which they can quickly provide via cell phone, email, or fax).

b) CALL US ~ 10am to 6pm M-F eastern time, excluding holidays. Our toll free number is: 800-628-0997 (865-380-0950 if you have free long distance). We can help you locate a reseller in your area (based off your zip code).

c) MESSAGE US ~ any time, day or night. Our recommendation for resellers are based off YOUR POSTAL ZIP CODE (trying to find a reseller in your area, closest to you). We don’t have any brick and motor resellers in Wi, SD, ND, ME, TX, AK, HI, and certain other areas, so mail order is the only option at this time.  Click here to message us.

d) Check, one of our on-line resellers. They have been our primary National Catalog Product Reseller for nearly twenty years. They are also is set up to deal with end-user order processing for single unit quantities for less cost than we are.

e) Search eBay or Amazon, as some resellers list our products there on occasion, though the top two options are usually the best options (fastest and least expensive).

In this modern time of the internet, one would think that an ‘on-line store’ and ‘order button’ should be quick and easy. Really it is, mostly and usually… however, we know our resellers see 1000+ people for every 1 that actually contacts us. In order to maintain healthy working relationships, we try to make our products available through informed Professionals and Industry leaders. Our resellers are usually far better with general supply issues and retail sales; which allows us to focus on maintaining the best products in their class AND helping answer questions about dosing, or how our product(s) actually work, and solving problems.

If there are ANY problems or questions, please let us know.

We honor our commitment to our resellers, and strive to refer customers and clients in their geographical area to them when possible (based off postal zip code).

Step One: Ask your Veterinarian or favorite store for OUR PRODUCT IF we do not have a reseller in your area, and you want just 1 or 2 bottles at a time, give VALLEY VET a call; or tell your favorite reseller, cataloger, or supplier to get the product in stock! Resellers are set up to deal with shipping a whole lot cheaper than we can. Most of our resellers have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20, even nearly 25 years! They have been faithful resellers, so we strive to support them.

If, for some reason, those options don’t work for you: 

GIVE US A CALL… we are here to help when ever possible.

Some other medications and treatments may also impact the initial starting dose… negatively or positively. Unless a Healthcare Professional gives you specific dosing, PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR DOSING PAGE (tab in the menu above). If you still have any questions: CALL US!

We’re talking PURE NUTRITION, not drugs…
our products are not instant!

MD’s Choice products are designed with science, common sense, and reality at the core of our formulas… WHICH is why we have a ‘Results Based Guarantee’ that has existed for more than 20 years that isn’t limited to 30-days or just one bottle.

MD’s Choice products are PURE NUTRITION… working the right way, safe and healthy way, in forms the body can readily use. These products are not a ‘quick fix’ in most cases.
It’s our job to help make sure our products are likely to help… and to assist in figuring out the best starting dose and rational expectations. The more information we have, the better we can help you accomplish your goals.
Please feel free to call, or message us, if there are questions.