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We have remained in business for over 20 years because of REPEAT CUSTOMERS, WORD OF MOUTH, and having quality products that really work in the right way, a safe and effective way. For all those repeat customers we are very blessed and thankful. Thank YOU! 

The fact the doctors have never drawn a salary from MD’s Choice (or was key to allowing us to maintain the prices. We have never sacrificed quality or quantity of our products.

Your feedback can also help us improve.

It can help us. Testimonials and Reviews will help inform other’s how a particular product was helpful to you (your loved ones, pets, or clients). Every story is different, and we hope you’ll take the time to share yours with us.

We signed up for the ReviewTrust program a few months ago, which is why there are currently so few reviews listed there. Below, you’ll find a list of products, and under the name of each product there is a LINK to the ReviewTrust site… select the link for the product(s) you’ve used to share your experience.

Yes, we have many more products, but these are our most common, and where we figured we should start with for these Reviews. If there are other’s you’d like to review, please let us know… and we’ll get a link for you.

We strive to treat our customers how we’d like to be treated. We sincerely care about helping solve problems. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us; we can help with dosing, finding a reseller in your area, and trying to help steer you in the right direction if we don’t have a product we honestly believe can help you.

With ReviewTrust…

  • all reviews are logged & verified by IP address
  • your name & email address is required to ensure the reviewers are real (NO PASSWORDS), and sometimes ‘date of purchase’ and/or ‘invoice number.’
  • is third party software used to maintain integrity in the reviews.
  • moderators do read every review to verify honesty, quality of information and helpfulness, eliminating any spam, links, or jokes. They can not make any edits, fix spelling or grammar, or make changes; they can only approve valid reviews.

Most of the products on are available through Veterinarian Clinics, Human Pharmacies, quality Tack Shops & Feed Stores (such as Tennessee Farmers Co-op), and the nations leading Animal Supply Catalog: Valley Vet. Many stock them, some only special order, but most businesses that care about quality nutrition HERE IN AMERICA CAN GET THESE HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS! Businesses, Veterinarians, Pharmacies, and Professionals in OTHER countries need to contact us directly.

You are welcome to contact us for dosing, or to help finding the nearest reseller.

865-380-0950 M-F, 10am to 6pm, Eastern Time.

Note: Review Trust is limited to just one review per product, per modem IP address actually, to keep things accurate and honest.

That means two people in the same household can’t review the same product from the same home network (IP address), and one person can’t give multiple reviews on the same product. However, one person can review each different product they’ve used. IF you have other members of the same family that wish to ALSO give us a review, they can either use their phone, or a friend’s computer, OR send us their first & last name and email address, and which product(s) they would like to review, and ReviewTrust will email them directly so they can share their own review – even from the same computer, but this usually takes a few days to process.

We know the majority of the reason we’ve survived and thrived all these years is because of the effectiveness of our products, AND YOU – our valued repeat customers. Those that tell their family & friends about how wonderful our product also helps us keep our prices down, and products turning quickly. THANK YOU! We hope you know that you are appreciated!

Realistic Expectations:

Personally, we hope our products help everyone… but we know that’s just not going to happen 100% of the time, for a variety of reasons (we’ve been at this for over 20 years now).

    1. Some just don’t remember to take it. (Sadly, walking by the bottle doesn’t offer any nutritional support.)
    2. Some hate taking ‘pills’ (should contact us for viable options).
    3. Some use the product inconsistently, which also doesn’t help.
    4. A few start off using too low of a dose. (Who wants to ‘maintain’ poor health?) If there is a serious problem, higher doses are necessary to start off with. Lower doses can be used once the healing is finished. Call us if you have dosing questions. Our products are NOT a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘quick fix.’
    5. Sadly some were misdiagnosed, and the cause of their problem isn’t what our nutrients can honestly help much. (Surgery is likely required. But focused nutrients can help speed healing, drastically shorten the recovery time, if surgery is done… and help all the other areas trying to compensate for the problem).

If the diagnoses is correct, and the problem is explained to us… along with other necessary details specific to that body, such as age, weight, build, severity, location, care, continued use, other medication or treatment processes… I can tell you that we are historically able to help a person find a solution and better understand their problem over 90% of the time!

Rest assured, we won’t ever try to sell you any product, unless we honestly believe it has a solid probability of really helping what ever problem you’ve described. Not only for your benefit, but ours also. Remember, we have that multiple bottle Results Based Guarantee on all our key products, so if we are wrong it will cost us trust & money.

If it was just about money, we’ve have product sitting in all the mainstream big box stores, like Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgrens, etc. Nothing against those stores, as their job is to generally just ‘supply’ what the advertisers push (and pay them to shelf, in many cases), as well as what customers demand (despite the reality of science). The decisions are often made regardless of quality, science, functionality, or real value. It’s usually all about the profitability, pay to play shelf space, and turns. While it would drastically increase our sales, there are issues of education, product quality because of stock rotation, and store staff that doesn’t have a clue about ‘the product’ (or when/where/how it’s properly used it). Those things are unacceptable to us, and incompatible with our goals.

Because if those stores honestly cared about science, effectiveness and quality of the nutritional products, on their shelves you wouldn’t see any products that contained:

  • ~ just ‘glucosamine’ (or ‘glucosamine & chondroitin’) on the label
  • ~ herbs, without the appropriate limitations & warnings,
  • ~ calcium carbonate (ground up limestone)
  • ~ iron oxide (rust)
  • ~ labels listing “combined amount” (magic math, that is legally true… but grossly misleading, because it ignores the elemental reality, and amounts actually available to the body).

What Our Products Do

The MD’s Choice (VetSupplement) products are not a quick fix. They don’t contain the ingredient of the month, or some herbal masking agent(s), pain blockers or killers, or things that mess with the brain. The quick ‘fix’ has never been our goal, intent, or claim. If you are in pain, use pain killers or blockers, as needed, consistent with what your professional prescribes, WHILE USING OUR PRODUCT to help the body heal itself when and where possible. Our products are designed to HELP SUPPORT the body, giving it what it needs, in forms it can actually use, to prompt optimum health.