Tell Us What YOU Think

We strive to treat our customers how we’d like to be treated, which is also why you seldom get an email or call from us (unless we are responding to you, or have something important or a special to announce).

We don’t like to be bugged, spammed, or harassed by sales people… and honestly strive to not do that with any of our customers, which is why we sent so few emails over the years (even had some accidentally believe some third party that we’d gone out of business because we were doing all the trade shows, traveling to all the accounts, hitting all the big events, or advertising in the assorted magazines. We also know that the majority of our business is REPEAT CUSTOMERS, and WORD OF MOUTH, and for those customers we are thankful. We hope you know we sincerely care about helping solve problems… and keeping our prices the same for as long as we possibly can (with specials and incentives for case lot and larger quantity orders).

Your feedback can also help us improve how we do things. Make sure we aren’t dropping the proverbial ball somewhere that is important to a bunch of out customers. And the reviews will help inform other’s how a particular product was helpful to someone else (you and your loved ones, or clients). Everyone’s story is different, and we hope you’ll take the time to share yours with us.

We just signed up for the ReviewTrust program June 19th, 2017… which is why there are so few reviews. You can select the link to REVIEWTRUST below each product you’ve used… tell us what you think, whether it helped you (or your loved one).

(Note: At this point it is one review per ‘household’ (modem IP address actually), to keep things accurate and honest. So one person can’t give multiple reviews on the same product (but can review multiple products, or product(s) + company). IF you have other members of the same family that wish to ALSO give us a review, they can either use their phone, or a friend’s computer, OR send us their first & last name and email address, and which product(s) they would like to review, and ReviewTrust will email them directly so they can share their own review – even from your computer. This may take a couple business days). With ReviewTrust,

  • all reviews are logged & verified by IP address
  • basic contact information is required to ensure the reviewers are real (NO PASSWORDS, just your name & email adress).
  • intelligent third party software is used to help maintain the integrity of the reviews.
  • moderators read every review to verify honesty, quality of information and helpfulness, eliminating any profanity or jokes.


Each link is specific to the product (or topic) listed above. Please pick the product YOU (or your loved one) have personal experience with, and take a few moments to RATE EACH that have affected or impacted YOU (and/or your loved ones). Great, good, bad, or otherwise.

Yes, we have many more products, but these are our most common, and where we figured we should start. If there are other’s you’d like to review, please let us know.

Most of the products on are available through quality Task Shops & Feed Stores (such as Tennessee Farmers Co-op & ACE Hardware), Veterinarian Clinics, and Valley Vet. Many stock them, some only special order, but most businesses HERE IN AMERICA CAN GET THESE HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS! You are welcome to contact us directly for dosing, and to help find the  nearest reseller.

865-380-0950 M-F, 10am to 6pm, Eastern Time.

We know the majority of the reason we’ve survived and thrived all these years is because of the effectiveness of our products, AND YOU – our valued repeat customers, and those that tell their family & friends about how wonderful our product is for them. THANK YOU! We hope you know that you are appreciated!

Personally, we hope our products help everyone… but we know that’s just not going to happen 100% of the time, for a variety of reasons (we’ve been at this for over 20 years now).

    1. Some just don’t remember to take it. Sadly, walking by the bottle doesn’t offer any nutritional support.
    2. Some use the product inconsistently, which also doesn’t help much.
    3. A few don’t start off using enough. Who wants to ‘maintain’ poor health? If there is a serious problem… higher doses are often necessary to start off with. Lower doses can be used once the healing is finished. Call us if you have dosing questions. Our products are NOT a ‘one size fits all.’ or ‘quick fixes’
    4. And, sadly, some were misdiagnosed, and the cause of their problem isn’t what our nutrients can honestly help much. (Surgery is likely required. But focused nutrients can help speed healing, drastically shorten the recovery time, if surgery is done… and help all the other areas trying to compensate for the problem).

If the diagnoses is correct, and explained to us… along with other necessary details specific to that body… I can tell you that we are historically able to help a person find a solution and better understand their problem over 80 to 90% of the time. Rest assured, we won’t ever try to sell you any product, unless we honestly believe it has a solid probability of really helping what ever problem you’ve described. Not only for your benefit, but ours also. Remember, we have that multiple bottle Results Based Guarantee on all our key products, so if we are wrong it can cost us trust & money.

If this was just about making piles of money, we’d have sold the company a few years ago when a couple different much larger company’s made us tempting offers (but we realized our product quality, consistency, and price would be drastically changed in ways that wouldn’t help our customers… so we politely declined the offer). If it was just about money, we’ve have product sitting in all the mainstream big box stores. While it would drastically increase our sales, there are issues of product quality because of stock rotation, and store staff that don’t have a clue about ‘the product’ (or when/where/how it’s property used it) that we just aren’t prepared to deal with.

What Our Products Do

Our products are not a quick fix because of some herbal masking agents or pain killers. That’s never been our goal, intent, or claim. If you are in pain, use pain killers or blockers, as needed, consistent with what your professional prescribes, WHILE USING OUR PRODUCT to help the body heal itself when and where possible. Our products are designed to HELP SUPPORT the body, giving it what it needs, in forms it can actually use, to prompt optimum health.