SEE: Safe, Effective, Efficient

Nutrients and ingredients should be chosen because of science 

The decision to include (or exclude) each ingredient in a product should use this principle; but most companies look at cost and profitability first. The information below can help you learn about bio-available, absorption, as well as what is usable; especially in joint, digestion, nutritional supplement. MD’s Choice takes this very seriously, since 1995.

This nutritional information is all true for both human and pet supplements, especially arthritis, knee problems, hip problems, and digestive issues (the most common ‘supplements’ on the market.

Quality supplements will never be the cheapest, but they don’t need to be the most expensive either. MD’s Choice will always have some of the very best… the most bio-available, and usually ‘biggest bang for the buck.’

Learn how to tell if a companies products are safe, effective, efficient ingredients. The information below can help you…

Selecting ‘THE CORRECT’ Ingredients

Is not an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming either.

It’s not as simple as pulling up to a gas pump and deciding which fuel option button to push… because supplement ingredients are often as different as petroleum: everyone knows the plastic the gas container is made of won’t ‘run’ a vehicle, yet it’s petroleum. Neither will the pump handle cover or hose, which are also usually consisting of petroleum based products.

There are not only different grades of gas, but significant differences between ‘real gas’ and the new ethanol mixtures. Then you have diesel, motor oil, kerosene, racing fuel, jet fuel, and assorted options in between. Even among the ‘same type’ there is a ‘purity’ factor, whether there is any ‘water’ or other particulates in what you believe is the ‘right type’ of fuel for your vehicle. Many options won’t power your motor at all. Some might burn it up. Some will eat up the lines, or cause other problems, if allowed to sit too long. Some will allow it to run smoothly, and but the right type will allow optimum performance, safely, for years with just basic maintenance.

Choosing the right nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to know what to look for, and where to look.

Proper nutrition is MUCH MORE THAN A FIRST NAME!
~ Calcium Carbonate is ground up limestone

~ Iron Oxide is rust

~ A whole lot of companies list the ingredients in their products in very misleading ways, often in ‘combined‘ amounts (rather than ‘elemental‘ amounts, which is the most honest and straight forward math). Some don’t list any ‘form’ at all, just some mineral or ingredient that must absolutely be combined with ‘something’ to exist in a product. There is no such thing, in supplements, as ‘JUST’ any mineral, or ‘JUST’ glucosamine. And that FORM is vital to the math, and the reality of what is really available to a body.

~ Herbs used in joint supplements are in fact plant derived DRUGS, put there to kill pain, mask symptoms, which can be very bad when intended for daily use for a prolonged period of time (especially if there aren’t any warnings or limits).

~ The GAIT Study, by the NIH (National Institute of Health) helped prove that. (GAIT: Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial) – for those that wish to wade through proof glucosamine hcl fails, and really doesn’t belong in any ‘joint’ supplements, read the multi-year study, involving over 1500 people, that was done with multiple Universities and overseen by the NIH. The results are posted on line, and free for everyone to see. Their results are interesting, but frankly something the professionals at MD’s Choice already knew over 20 years ago! (Though it’s nice to see third parties start to finally agree).

Any companies using the above ingredients in ANY of their products don’t care about science, and really doesn’t care about quality of their product, or the actual effectiveness. Instead, they care about the illusion of the ‘quick fix’ their marketing implies they offer, and the profitability of their bottom line.

    ~ There are 5 different forms of glucosamine, 2 have been proven to never make it to the joints (but are good for the digestive tract), and 1 can’t make it to the joint tissue without a body ‘re-manufacturing’ it, exchanging the ‘HCl’ molecule with a sulpher molecule. Even then, over 50% ends up in the poop. Only the two sulphur forms (NACl & 2KCl) have been consistently proven to actually make it to the joint tissue. NACl is SODIUM salt, 2KCl is POTASIUM salt… the first most people get too much of, and the later, 2KCl, is something most all mammals are deficient in (which means it’s usually absorbed better and faster, because the body KNOWS IT WANTS & NEEDS IT).

    ~ There are currently only 6 companies in the world that actually manufacture MSM. Two here in America, one in South America, and three in countries we can’t safely drink their water. Guess where the majority of the MSM found on store shelves comes from? Often NOT America! And for animal products especially, they aren’t tested for anything but eColi or Salmonella! That means the levels of lead, cadmium, barium, mercury, arsenic, and the other common heavy metals and contaminants are often completely unknown… and now combined with a biologically active sulpher source (MSM) that carries them into the blood stream and body. This is one of the key reasons MD’s Choice only uses the Opti-MSM. Yes, it costs more. However, it is thoroughly tested for all of the heavy metals and other common contaminants. 

CORRECT Nutrition

Takes into account a bunch of different things, such as:
~ the right forms,
~ in the correct portions,
~ exacting ratios (for scientific reasons, not just to appear more than a competitor),
~ focus – targeting specific tissues and cells,
~ supplying the right stuff to deal with problems… THAT system or area really needs,
~ in forms the body (and those cells) can actually use well.
~ ‘cooperative’ or ‘contributing’ nutrition (other nutrients necessary to make things work better and more effectively), and
~ SEE: All with Safely, Effectiveness, and Efficiency in mind.

Since 1995, MD’s Choice is one of the best kept secrets
by some of the top competitors… human and animals alike. 

  • With the undisputed Best Guarantee in the supplement industry for over 24 years.
  • ALL nutrients & ingredients contained in MD’s Choice products are sourced in the USA (or in Canada, for some of our Amino Acid Chelates… because they produce the very best and most bio-available

The formula’s in all our key products are 100% ‘ours’

Initially Developed specifically by doctors, for doctors and their patients. 

Blended to our specifications, and bottled by pharmaceutical & high nutraceutical grade facilities that are FDA inspected, ISO certified, and have cGMP certifications (certified Good Manufacturing Practices).

Saving us millions of dollars on having our own facilities, production staff, clean rooms, utilities, maintenance of all that, and all the extra expenses of owning and operating such facilities, has helped us keep our quality consistent since 1998!

Our products are not made in some out-building, bathtub, grain mill, bath tub, garage, barn, open air warehouse, or backroom like some of our competitors. In most cases, our human-grade animal products are the only ‘animal’ products blended and bottled at those facilities. It’s allowed because we are using 100% HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS, and human product standards!

We felt quality of ingredients and manufacturing practices were vital, so these practices were established back in 1995. 

Red Flags in Nutrition

To learn more about a company, and their knowledge of nutrition and general awareness of SEE (safety, effectiveness, and efficiency), check the ingredients in their products.

Look for ‘red flags’ (and even those orange ones).

~ What is their guarantee, REALLY? 1 bottle? 2 or 3?? 30 days, or 60? (MD’s Choice’s joint & digestive products covers 3 containers, which is enough for 16 to 24 WEEKS of use! Knowing Pure Nutrition is great, but not always fast)

~ No ingredient used in a supplement intended for oral consumption should be from countries we couldn’t safely drink their water. (MD’s Choice’s products are made in the USA, using ingredients sourced in North America.)

~ Do they use Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin, Calcium Carbonate, or Iron Oxide in ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS? ( details why)

~ Are the ingredients listed in COMBINED or ELEMENTAL amounts on their labels? Let us know if you don’t understand the difference. (All MD’s Choice products are listed in Elemental Amounts, because that is the most honest way to list nutrition)

~ Do they ‘claim’ some ‘proprietary blend’ (some science-y name that covers up what is really IN their product, or gives their formula flexibility from batch to batch)? (we believe this is wrong, unethical, and dangerous… there are better ways to protect a formula without hiding the actual ingredients used).

~ Are ingredients listed with just ‘first names’ ignore the specific form or type, which is vital to absorption and efficiency. (form matters, to science… to reality, and to the doctor’s that formulated the products for MD’s Choice. It should matter to you too!)

~ Are there herbs in their products without proper warnings? (No herbs, or masking agents, used in any of MD’s Choice’s most popular products).

~ No supplement intended for daily prolonged use should have herbs that have ‘drug’ activity (side effects or long term negatives).

Those are each signs that should have educated people seeing flags. The more of those issues within a company, the more flags… more than three, and there should be big BLINKING RED LIGHTS about EVERY product that company has.

    Because, unless they have some valid – science based – reason to justify their choices, with the ingredients like listed above, it’s clear they maybe just tossing ingredients into a formula and hoping something sticks. Without any thought of the science, or what we can SEE! 

“It Works”
Understanding HOW & WHY is vital!

MD’s Choice has ONE of the very best formula on the market… BECAUSE IT WORKS… in the RIGHT WAY, a safe, effective, and efficient way! By supplying the body what it needs, in forms it can readily use.
The products aren’t a ‘quick fix’ (and don’t contain masking agents or pain killers), therefore will often take time to impact positive changes within a body.

It you honestly give our product a chance, up to 3 large containers, of daily use – over a period of 16 to 24 weeks, at the correct dose for the level of the problem, age, weight, severity, etc. WE PROMISE you’ll absolutely notice a positive difference (in the right way) within a few weeks, or YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

The upside, we have over 20 years of experience, and a real good idea when, where, and how our product works. That’s something we want to help with, when possible. Besides, it’s our reputation and money on the line too. If there is a problem, we are going to want to know how it was used, if something could be changed to improve results. Our goal is to help solve problems, if we can.

If you have a structural deformity, our product will NOT change that. If there are bone spurs irritating ligaments or tendons, while our product can help… it will NOT eliminate the problem. Some times surgery is the best option, and you should trust the doctor(s) that actually SEE YOU – your X-rays, MRI’s, and range of motion. However, those customers over the years that were using our product before and after any joint surgery healed about 25 to 40% FASTER than those with the same problem that weren’t using our product!

There are companies out there that tell you they offer a ‘no questions asked refund.’ Oh, and WE WILL ASK QUESTIONS! That’s why our product’s success rate is over 90%. We asked people using our product before you questions, tried different dosing (and combos with other medication or treatment) for different problems, and sincerely attempted to help solve a variety of issues… and the doctors have evaluated a wide variety of differences, successes and a few failures, so we could better help you figure out how (and IF) our product could help the problem you’re trying to eliminate.

Any company that says they don’t ask questions either doesn’t really care about their future customers, or is lying. Because the reality is that no one can hope to improve in the future without answers to questions. And with a ‘Results Based Guarantee’ on the line, we’ll tell you if we honestly don’t think our product will help that problem!
MD’s Choice doesn’t believe in the ‘ingredient of the month’ or some band wagon hype. Science is vital. Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency are important to us; and the corner stone of the reason certain ingredients are (and aren’t) in our products.

We use the products ourselves, our family & friends use these products… which means MD’s Choice sincerely cares about the quality, consistency, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of our products. We hope all this matters to you, and are thankful for the 90+% of people that become repeat customers, because they honestly tried our product for 3 containers and also really noticed the difference. Once the healing has occurred, most are able to reduce their daily dose to a maintenance or even ‘preventive’ level… raising it as needed, if there is an injury, or they are knowingly stressing that area for a time.

MD’s Choice isn’t perfect, but we are effective, and over 90% of our customers FEEL and SEE RESULTS (and the other 10% get their money back)! We offer a ‘nothing to lose’ proposal – give us a few weeks of honest daily use, and our product will either produce noticeable positive results for you, or you get your money back!
IF you still have questions, or would like specific dosing, feel free to send us a message or give us a call M-F 10am to 6pm EDT. 

If you want more information, check out the links below:


Medical Research (General, Nutrition specific) 

Quality & Service are our chosen specialties

Since 1995, MD's Choice has maintained the very best guarantee in the nutritional supplement market, bar none;  with over a 90% success rate for those that actually use the MD’s Choice products as directed.

An unheard of commitment in the health industry. Our guarantee covers the initial period of use, usually 6 to 24 weeks, depending on the problem, not just 1 bottle, or 30 days, the majority of our competitors have.

For serious problems, please contact us directly for the most effective dosing for the specific body and situation. We want our product to work for you, and believe YOU WILL POSITIVELY SEE RESULTS or GET A FULL REFUND for the containers you purchased (limit 3 large containers). No formal testing (or doctors note) is required for reimbursement (as some of our competitors have).

Our company stands behind our product, because the science is solid, and we have a results based guarantee you can honestly trust! MD’s Choice has had zero complaints with the BBB for over 20 years, and either A+ or 'unrated' (because we don't pay for ratings); something few businesses of any type can brag about, especially businesses in the nutrition or health industries.
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